FirstWorks at The VETS

The theatre was an exciting place to be with FirstWorks in 2017! These compelling arts encounters for K-12 students in the beautifully restored, historic VETS theatre reinforced lessons found in our accompanying Teacher Resource Guides, all tied to curricula standards. The best way to experience art is to see it up close, so stay tuned for our 2018 offerings of powerful live performance experiences your students will never forget!

Email Kathleen McAreavey for info on how your school can participate and see below for 2017 highlights!

Friday, February 3, 12:30-1:30PM
This matinee celebrates Paul Taylor, America’s greatest living choreographer, through a performance of selections from his masterworks set to music by Bach and Handel. Students will be entranced by the dancers’ grace and athleticism. The matinee concludes with a question and answer period.
AREAS OF CONTENT INTEGRATION Dance, Music, Choreography and Technique 

Friday, February 24, 10-11:00AM
This exciting educational program honors the vivid, living history of the global hip-hop phenomenon and celebrates its potential to make meaningful contributions to American culture. Illustrated through historical film and dance performed to the beats of a live DJ, this multimedia event traces the evolution of contemporary hip-hop from its roots in African ritual and ancient traditions.
AREAS OF CONTENT INTEGRATION Poetry, Songwriting, Dance, Music, Oral History and Cultural Identity
Great for Black History Month!