Dinosaurs roam Providence!

June 3 & 4, 2016

The biggest beasts that ever walked the earth will stomp their way through Downtown Providence, turning Kennedy Plaza into a prehistoric landscape.

Close-Act Theatre, a multi-disciplinary street theater company from the Netherlands, makes its East Coast debut with Saurus. Watch in awe as three 18-foot tall “dinosaurs” stalk the city in search of food – and breathe a sigh of relief when you realize they’re vegetarians. Once presumed to be extinct, they will announce their return with a deafening roar and a truly unique spectacle.
Saturday, June 4 at 5:30-6 PM, 7:15-7:45 PM, 9:15-9:45 PM in Kennedy Plaza

On Friday, June 3, Close-Act will also present White Wings, accompanied by the African drums of Rhode Island’s own Sidy Maiga and AfriManding. This enchanting performance features winged “phantoms” who glide elegantly through the streets, seemingly floating just above the crowd. They spread their wings, whirling, dancing, and bewitching the audience. Then, just as suddenly as they appeared, the apparitions vanish, leaving behind nothing but spellbound viewers.
Friday, June 3, 2:00 PM in Kennedy Plaza and kicking off INFLUX Art Walking Tour: 5:30-6:30 PM at Biltmore Park Downtown

Produced by the City of Providence
Founding Creative Partner: FirstWorks
*Schedule and stages are subject to change. Visit:
for full festival schedule, maps and visitor info.