Two dancers moving as one

June 4, 2016, 6:00 PM*
Coastway Community Stage – 63 Snow St.

Two is better than one when Rhode Island’s own Doppelgänger Dance Collective (DDC) takes the stage.
DDC reflects a deep love of contemporary movement and is committed to increasing public accessibility to dance and service to the community. At the inception, Co-founding dancers Shura Baryshnikov and Danielle Davidson believed that their similar, fierce physicality and versatile technique would be dynamic in duet. DDC was formed to capture this shared duality and to foster the creation and performance of original, contemporary choreographic work for duet performance. Davidson and Baryshnikov will perform Empty Seats, an original work by choreographer B.J. Sullivan, which flows into and out of the landscape created by English composer Gavin Bryars’ extraordinary String Quartet No. 2. The two dancers entwine through stretches of deeply engaged partnering, quite literally in energetic and physical orbit of the other.

Produced by the City of Providence
Founding Creative Partner: FirstWorks
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