Sit, skate
and leave your trace.

Providence International Arts Festival
June 11-14, 2015 – Adrian Hall Way

Adrian Hall Way, the small public space adjacent to Trinity Rep, is a popular spot for the weekday lunch crowd, theater-goers and skateboarders. Now, the high school students of DownCity Design’s after school program are transforming it into a colorful and innovative skate park and art installation that will run all summer.

DownCity Design is a non-profit design/build studio that transforms Providence by getting young people involved in designing and building structures that make the city a better place to live, work and learn. Their plans for Adrian Hall Way include unique lounge furniture that will make the area both a more comfortable lunchtime stop and a more exciting skate spot. Students also created a playful installation of multi-colored, interactive LED strip lights along the risers that line the plaza. Triggered by hidden motion sensors, the display will illuminate and change colors as people walk or skateboard past. Stop by and see how Providence high school students can light up our public spaces.

Visit the community portal for information and ideas about how to participate. You’ll find a call for public art, opportunities to perform, and a request for programming at local venues. Stay tuned for more details!