Mentoring and training young local artists
in creating, developing and performing original choreography

Providence International Arts Festival
June 13, 2015, 7 PM – 99 Kennedy Plaza*

*At Civil War Memorial next to Squonk Opera Stage

JUMP! will create a signature site-specific dance around the Civil War Memorial—an iconic downtown Providence public art work. In the their signature white costumes, JUMP! dancers will move to West African drummers, led by music from Sidy Maiga’s Afrimanding. This is a one of a kind event.

Artistic Director: Mary Paula Hunter,
Winner of the 2014 Pell Award for Distinguished Service to the Arts

All JUMP! members are ages 8-18 and receive intensive training in ballet as well as other dance forms including modern dance and tap. JUMP! dancers are encouraged to choreograph from a young age, learning how to work with music, group forms, and improvisation to compose sophisticated and truly creative choreography. JUMP! believes in the talent of its dancers both as choreographers and performers, and our performances showcase professional dance of the highest standards. Learn more at the JUMP! website.

Visit the community portal for information and ideas about how to participate. You’ll find a call for public art, opportunities to perform, and a request for programming at local venues. Stay tuned for more details!