The works can range from miniature to giant,
intricate to bold, simple to mind blowing.”

–Buffalo Rising

Providence International Arts Festival
June 11-14, 2015, Kennedy Plaza

Have you seen a CatFish swimming around town lately? Now follow the colorful fish as they converge Downtown in their nesting ground to celebrate the Providence International Arts Festival.

These large-scale public creations are the work of Tape Art – which is both a group of artists and the medium in which they work. Their imaginative, engaging works have graced the walls of Providence, Buffalo, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Athens, drawing artists and viewers alike into a public conversation through collaborative drawing. The art form is immediate, accessible and, by nature, temporary, making a powerful statement about the role of creative expression in our daily lives. The CatFish project will begin over the next several weeks with large fish popping up in neighborhoods around the city. During the festival, they will converge into the largest school of fish you’re ever likely to see swimming around Downtown!

Visit the community portal for information and ideas about how to participate. You’ll find a call for public art, opportunities to perform, and a request for programming at local venues. Stay tuned for more details!