An instrument unlike anything
Bach or Beethoven could have ever imagined!” -NY Times

Providence International Arts Festival
June 13, 2015 – 6:30, 8:30, 10:30 PM
Earth Harp Stage at Kennedy Plaza

The Earth Harp is the largest stringed instrument on the planet. Part sculpture, part instrument, and part architecture, the sound it creates is nothing short of remarkable.

Together with one of the most unique and breathtaking ensembles in the world, the Earth Harp Collective, inventor William Close pushes the envelope of the musical experience – making beautiful music with a massive physics machine. The long golden strings will be played by Close running rosin-covered gloves along the instrument, creating beautiful, cello like tones. Turning the Earth/landscape into a giant harp, her strings have stretched 1,000 feet to the top of the Seattle Space Needle, temples in Vietnam and the Colosseum in Rome. In another “first work” for the Festival, the iconic Superman Building becomes part of the instrument for an extraordinary musical performance. Three-days of celebration, including community “plays” with local students from FirstWorks Arts Learning, culminate in Festival concerts on Saturday, June 13.

Visit the community portal for information and ideas about how to participate. You’ll find a call for public art, opportunities to perform, and a request for programming at local venues. Stay tuned for more details!