Performing Arts Afterschool Enrichment Course for High School Students

A man holding a microphone being filmed by a masked videographer in front of a red curtainFirstWorks is thrilled to unveil Behind the Curtain – a semester-long enrichment program for RI high school students as part of RIDE’s All Course Network initiative.

Behind the Curtain is a virtual afterschool program that connects RI students grades 9-12 with artists, nonprofit and production professionals. Students will explore potential career pathways while developing modes of creative self-expression, learning directly from a new artist or arts professional each week. The course will include elements of financial and arts business management and various creative disciplines spanning music, dance, theatre, vocals, arts management, stagecraft, and costume design. Individual and group projects will result in a capstone project.

Meets Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:30-5:00 PM on Zoom

2/23/2021 – 5/6/2021

(except 4/20 & 4/22)

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