Experience the arts wherever you are

In partnership with Steer PVD, FirstWorks is creating new ways for the arts to propel learning as Rhode Island schools, teachers and parents work to continue educating students through online, distance learning.

The FirstWorks Education Program specifically links to core curriculum by tethering the arts to traditional academics such as English Language Arts (ELA), Science, Social Studies, and through STEAM and STEM focused learning.

Visit this page to access digital learning resources which include unique video content featuring world class artists. Accompanying activities and assignments are aligned to core curricula standards.

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Virtual Learning Machine Dazzle


“Machine Dazzle” a.k.a., Matthew Flower, is a costume designer and performer based in New York City. His process is interesting in that he gathers different kinds of materials and textures; many that normally would not be part of costume or apparel – the shinier the better, throws them on the floor, and creates!