A Black woman dancing and smiling with her hair flying above her head and her arms raised

Maud Arnold PD

PAST WORKSHOP: Tap Dance For Emotional and Stress Release

with Maud Arnold of Syncopated Ladies
Held FREE for over 60 educators, this workshop shared ways teachers can use tap dancing as a vehicle for students to express thoughts and beliefs they may have difficulty verbalizing. A history of tap was discussed along with Maud’s and the Syncopated Ladies’ own way of finding their joy and voice through the artistry and concentration of tap dancing.
A Black man playing a violin awash in red light


PAST WORKSHOP: Hope and Healing Social Inequities, with DBR

with composer Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR)

Dr. Roumain led a discussion for educators about how he turned blind rage at the killing of George Floyd into a collaborative masterwork that highlights how people of color navigate the world on a daily basis and deal with unimaginable loss.
Man playing a violin with a boy also playing the violin

PD Highlights DBR


In April 2020, FirstWorks hosted a live Professional Development Workshop via Zoom with composer, violinist, educator, and activist Dr. Daniel Bernard Roumain for 40 local K-12 educators and artists titled “Teaching Tolerance with Music.” DBR was joined by esteemed artist-educators Liz Lerman and Michael Rohd.