An Indigenous woman with black hair posing with an acoustic guitar

Thea Hopkins PD

PAST WORKSHOP: Giving Voice to the Music…

…Narrativizing Cultural and Social Histories Through Music – Taught by Thea Hopkins, Indigenous Performer-Songwriter
In this professional development workshop for K-12 teachers, musician Thea Hopkins will introduce attendees to the narratives found in traditional and contemporary Indigenous music.
Earns one PLU credit
FREE to Educators – Register Here
A man wearing glasses and a blazer standing in front of a group of seated people

Jamil Jorge PD

PAST WORKSHOP: Developing Diverse and Equitable Education…

… Using a Musical Lens
Taught by Jamil Jorge, FirstWorks Education Director

Educators can use the broad concept of intersecting identities to think critically about representative and equitable educational programming. Discussion topics include American music, visual art, in-class guest artists, mutual connections over differences.
One PLU credit
FREE to Educators- Register Here
A woman with a flower in her hair standing with a man holding a violin and pointing his finger in front of seated students

DBR Becky Bass PD

PAST WORKSHOP: Teaching now…What is the same and what has changed?

Team taught by Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) and Becky Bass
What has the pandemic taught us about teaching? How can educators shift to embrace hybrid practice and collaborative teaching? What new responsibilities for teachers has COVID-19 exposed in terms of student life and wellness?
A Black woman dancing and smiling with her hair flying above her head and her arms raised

Maud Arnold PD

PAST WORKSHOP: Tap Dance For Emotional and Stress Release

with Maud Arnold of Syncopated Ladies
Held FREE for over 60 educators, this workshop shared ways teachers can use tap dancing as a vehicle for students to express thoughts and beliefs they may have difficulty verbalizing. A history of tap was discussed along with Maud’s and the Syncopated Ladies’ own way of finding their joy and voice through the artistry and concentration of tap dancing.
A Black man playing a violin awash in red light


PAST WORKSHOP: Hope and Healing Social Inequities, with DBR

with composer Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR)

Dr. Roumain led a discussion for educators about how he turned blind rage at the killing of George Floyd into a collaborative masterwork that highlights how people of color navigate the world on a daily basis and deal with unimaginable loss.
Man playing a violin with a boy also playing the violin

PD Highlights DBR


In April 2020, FirstWorks hosted a live Professional Development Workshop via Zoom with composer, violinist, educator, and activist Dr. Daniel Bernard Roumain for 40 local K-12 educators and artists titled “Teaching Tolerance with Music.” DBR was joined by esteemed artist-educators Liz Lerman and Michael Rohd.