FirstWorks Arts Learning student workshops and performances

Saturday, June 9, 2018, 3:00 PM
170 Washington Street, Downtown Providence*

The educational arm of Wynton Marsalis’ Jazz at Lincoln Center introduces young audiences to the energy, power and history of jazz. As the newest installment of their multi-year partnership with FirstWorks, this year’s Jazz and Civil Rights residency focuses on Jazz as an instrument of Social Change, and concludes with a public performance and Second Line march to the PVDFest parade.

Jazz grew out of the African-American community in turn of the century New Orleans. It is a mingling of the musical expressions of all people who came to the United States, by choice or by force, as well those already living in America. This concert will illustrate the fundamentals of jazz and the ideals of American democracy through the lens of America’s greatest and most democratic art form.

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Produced by the City of Providence
Founding Partner: FirstWorks
Musicians from Jazz at Lincoln Center seated with their instruments
*Schedule subject to change


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