Artist Lars Jan (HOLOSCENES) and Stories of Water

June 6, 2019, 5:30-7 PM
The Graduate Hotel – 2nd Floor Capital Ballroom
11 Dorrance St. Downtown Providence*

Director and media artist Lars Jan creates exciting installations that “weave the unraveling stories of water” by simulating floods in boxes while people perform everyday tasks inside them. He strives to create visceral beauty and discomfort with these “HOLOSCENES” disrupting public and private spaces with the collision of the human body in water.

Jan will give a keynote presentation at PVDFest Ideas, providing insights into his large-scale installation/performance that viscerally portrays the relationship between climate change and everyday human behaviors. Jan’s visit is also exploratory, laying the ground for a future Providence mounting of HOLOSCENES.

A nuanced high-tech, wake-up call, HOLOSCENES weaves the story of water—rising seas, melting glaciers, intensifying floods and droughts—into the patterns of the every day and in doing so offers a portrait of our collective myopia, and, adaptation. Filled and drained by a custom, programmable hydraulic system, a central aquarium floods with up to 12 tons of water in less than a minute, deluging the performer within.

What would everyday life look like if Earth was flooded by rising seas, melting glaciers, intensifying floods and droughts? HOLOSCENES is a thought-provoking performance installation by artist Lars Jan that visually answers this question. “The ebb and flow of water and resulting transformation of human behavior offers a portrait of our species’ collective myopia, persistence and, for better or worse, adaptation,” explains Jan. It is a “visceral, visual and public collision of the human body and water.”

Jan’s original works— including HOLOSCENES —have been presented by institutions as diverse as the Whitney Museum, Sundance Film Festival (New Frontier), BAM Next Wave Festival, the World Science Festival, Toronto Nuit Blanche, London’s Burning, the Istanbul Modern and Art Basel Miami Beach this December. He is on faculty at CalArts and a TED Senior Fellow.

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